A downloadable game for Windows

Ever wanted to create your own text adventure games? This game/engine will let you do that, no coding required! Just create your story/dialogue options and play away! Unlimited possibilities!


The zip file comes with a set of example dialogue sequences/responses. It also has a file that instructs you on how the engine takes in text files and uses them for the story. Use these to construct your stories.

The Game:

Each story can be constructed using an Option 1/Option 2 response system. If your player selects Option 1, the corresponding dialogue will be displayed. The same happens for Option 2. This creates dynamic stories based on the user's choices. 


Text Game Engine.zip 607 kB

Install instructions

Please follow the information provided in the instructions file.


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Absolutely love this idea this will be great for people, who don't know or really understand batch or other language's